The Seed (Chapter 3)

The Preservation of the Seed

We will now begin examining the history of the Old Testament which occupies a great portion of the Scriptures.

This is precisely where most readers of the Bible make the error of thinking and judging the contents of the Old Testament with criticism or suspicion.

They simply don’t understand the underlying premise of the Old Testament, which is the preservation and the delivery of the Seed promised in Genesis 3. The entire history of the people of Israel is nothing but struggle with forces hostile to the development, preservation, and manifestation of the Seed.

Satan, with all his might and power pursued this one goal: the destruction of the Seed and the Seed bearers.

Genesis 4 begins with Adam and Eve having their first two children. You will notice that in the biblical economy, male children or sons were the heirs of the parental estate and inheritance. This does not mean that women were excluded or ignored intentionally from the benefits of redemption in Christ. All this meant to demonstrate another very important principle, namely that God, in His dealings with humanity always takes the role of the “male”. Males pass the “seed” to a ready “womb”! Therefore, humanity as a whole takes the role of a female because it is the recipient of God’s seed and blessings. No wonder the church is called the “Bride” of Christ! The other point regarding this principle is the fact that God is looking to pass His inheritance or the birthright to His kingdom to man. The birth of the children of Adam was a beautiful and timely reminder of this principle. Adam had to pass on his inheritance and blessing to heirs who were represented by male children, a type of Christ as the Son of God and Heir to His kingdom and inheritance.

You will notice in the opening verses of Genesis 4 that as soon as Cain, the first son of Adam was born, he claimed that he had obtained “a man from the Lord.” The correct rendering of this verse should read not “a man…” but “the man…” In other words the verse should read, “I have obtained the Man from the Lord”. I strongly believe that Adam by witnessing the birth of Cain, thought that Cain was the promised “Seed”. Somehow, it was and is a universal principle that the firstborn son is the heir to his father’s inheritance and priestly office of the family. This fact is so clearly observed not only in the Bible, but throughout the ancient cultures of the near East, Asia, and even Europe of older eras. The right of the firstborn is a vital and much cherished principle. Thus, Adam having had the knowledge of this principle thought that Cain was “the Man”, the promised Seed. However, despite this truth, God in His sovereign wisdom, in anticipating the next move of the Devil, bypassed the firstborn and allowed the inheritance to pass to the second born. Satan, also thinking mistakenly that Cain was “the Man”, corrupted Cain’s mind in despising his brother. Cain recognized that Abel’s devotion to and worship of Jehovah were sincere and out of a clear recognition of the helplessness of his own condition before the Lord and the absolute necessity of the medium of the blood as the only sufficient access to God’s presence. Cain depended on the excellence of his efforts and an arbitrary presumption about accessing God that was rejected by God.

Thus Cain was the father of all those who desire to approach God with their own efforts and their religious notions! Cain was perhaps the most religious person in history! And yet, his offering was rejected on the basis of being foreign and unacceptable to God. Abel depended on the blood whereas Cain depended on the quality of his produce. Isn’t that what man has always attempted to do? Please God with the best of his efforts? Isn’t that what religion is all about, no matter how sincere and full of good intentions? I don’t doubt for a moment that Cain’s offering was insincere. Contrary to popular belief that Cain withheld his best from God, I am convinced that he brought the very best of whatever he was able to cultivate and harvest from the land. But let us not forget that in Genesis 3:17 God had pronounced a curse on the earth because of man’s rebellion and sin. This earth was now under a curse and whatever product it produced would contain elements of the curse. Cain was trying to worship God with goods that were condemned to God’s curse or rejection. Whatever is under curse is subject to rejection and judgment. Cain had neglected this truth as many people today neglect to remember that God cannot and will not accept any other approach to Him but through the Blood of the Son of God. No human effort and religiosity stemming from a judged and cursed life can and will have access to the presence of God. Satan is the embodiment of this principle. He is forever under judgement and curse and not able to stand before God.

So Cain, in his corrupted mind and anger, murdered his brother Abel. Satan in witnessing the rejection of Cain’s offering and the acceptance of Abel’s offering, became aware of some possible strategy that God had employed. He understood that Abel might indeed be the carrier of the Seed, thus his death became necessary. Of course God had a replacement for Abel, in the person of Seth. God is always ahead of His adversary. He is never surprised! Therefore Cain missed the chance, being the wrong target, and Seth became the carrier of the Seed. From this point on, the children of Seth become the focus of Biblical chronology by the virtue of their responsibility of preserving the promised “Seed”.

Next we come to Genesis chapter 6 and the story of Noah and the near disaster Satan’s plans caused for the human race. But, as usual, God had His plan well in place and ahead of Satan’s devices.

As a matter of interest, I would like to draw your attention to Genesis 5:3 where the Word says, “And Adam lived one hundred and thirty years, and begot a son in his own likeness, after his image, and named him Seth.” And in Genesis 4:25 it says, “And Adam knew his wife again, and she bore a son and named him Seth.” God had appointed another Seed instead of Abel, whom Cain killed.

It is interesting to note that Adam and Eve knew the importance of this so-called “Seed” as their only hope of redemption and eventual return to that garden of bliss and the sweet fellowship of God. They looked forward to the “Seed” as promised by God to crush the head of the deceiver and reverse the curse from the ground. This was in a sense, imputed to them as righteousness since the Old Testament saints were justified according to their dispensational light as they trusted in the promise of the Seed as though already accomplished.

However, a sad commentary is given about the birth of Seth. The Bible says that he was in the image and likeness of his father. The image and likeness of God was no longer a matter of retention and propagation. Now the image of man, a disordered life and organization had become the image man carried and passed onto his progeny. Man was reproducing himself according to this new image, or the lack thereof, which was not even remotely close to what God had intended for man to possess. Man had lost his spiritual faculties and had become primarily a soulish being, driven by the impulses of his soul life. In Genesis 4:19-24, we read the story of Lamech, a descendant of Cain, who in utter selfishness and soulish lust, committed acts that were not sanctioned by God – bigamy and murder. Self had begun to rule supreme in just a few generations from Adam and resulted in lust of the flesh, lust of the eye, and the pride of life to govern the affairs and intentions of man. Satan had succeeded in polluting the family of Cain to utter corruption and self-expression.

God, however, in His infinite wisdom, had passed the Seed to Seth who would also pass it to his children as we read in Genesis chapter 5.

Finally, as we look at the very controversial 6th chapter of Genesis, we observe the world of that time completely corrupted by Satan as a ploy to completely block the formation and the manifestation of the Seed. We begin by looking at Genesis 6:1-2 where something horrible occurred on this planet. There are various opinions as to what the exact meaning of this verse is. Some commentators believe that the “sons of God’ and the “daughters of men” refer to the descendants of Seth and the daughters of Cain respectively. Others maintain that the term “sons of God,” in all biblical references in the Old Testament, refer to the angels who were in creation related to God as children. Thus, this incident refers to a supernatural and unauthorized invasion by a segment of the fallen angels with the explicit purpose of destroying the human race and gene pool, thus preventing the promised Seed from appearing. This argument is further supported by references in the book of Jude verse 6 and II Peter 2:4 and I Peter 3:18-22. Even though, I personally adhere to this latter explanation and strongly believe that a satanic invasion resulted in the utter corruption of the human race, I emphasize the fact that regardless of which of these explanations may be correct, there was only one objective in this occurrence. The enemy was after the Seed and his utmost strategy was the destruction of the human race by making it totally useless and ineffective in being the suitable vessel of carrying the Seed.

God, knowing this tragic and global bondage would occur and that the majority of the human race would become utterly corrupted beyond redemption, preserved Noah and his family, a total of only 8 people who had still remained pure from a genetic or spiritual point of view, and could be rescued to safety in order for the Seed to carry on its journey to manifestation.

Noah, along with his children and all living beings, was rescued successfully through the Ark of God. They began a new life on a planet that had just emerged from the ruins of a universal flood that destroyed every living thing save the passengers of the Ark.

The rest of the life of Noah has many interesting points and lessons but, suffice it to say that Noah had three sons and one was the carrier of the Seed. Who was the carrier? Satan was more interested than perhaps we are, since his survival was dependent on the early and quick identification of the carriers and their destruction or disqualification, from reproducing and passing on the Seed to the next generation.

The incident of Noah’s drunken state and the actions of each of his sons sheds light on how God was going to play His hand. We read in Genesis 9:18-28 that Noah got drunk and his son Ham who was the father of Canaan, uncovered the nakedness of his father. The nakedness of Noah due to intoxication was a type of man’s state of uncontrolled and lewd conduct and relationship to himself, his environment, and ultimately to God. Noah demonstrated that man is vulnerable and very much influenced by his soulish life. Just a few verses before this incident, we read of the great pronouncement of God’s blessings upon Noah, his family, and all of creation; yet, Noah is very much a natural man incapable of comprehending spiritual matters. Paul writes to the Corinthian believers a similar admonition by saying, “But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned” (1 Cor. 2:14).

Noah was a natural man and in that naturalness he acted lewdly and inappropriately. He was a sinner just as every man ever born in this world is and will be a sinner.

The problem was with Ham’s attitude and in a sense, Satanic mindset. One of the most effective weapons of Satan is the uncovering of the weaknesses of God’s special vessels who, though mere men and subject to temptation and shortcoming, are nevertheless called to a special relationship with God and the fulfillment of a special mission. Ham, in his corrupted and evil intentions, wanted to expose his father’s nakedness, thus discrediting him and his mission and filing an accusation in God’s courts for the disqualification of Noah as the suitable vessel worthy of carrying and passing on the Seed to the next generation. Satan would accuse God of bypassing people’s weaknesses for His own ends and that, in Satan’s books, is unjust and unfair. Don’t we read in chapter 12 of Revelation that Satan is the “accuser of brethren, who accuses them before your God day and night….” Furthermore, “And the dragon was enraged with the woman and he went to make war with the rest of her offspring [seed], who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ” (Rev. 12:10, 17). Isn’t it interesting that these two elements, namely the Seed and the accusation against the brethren (exposing their nakedness) come together in the same chapter of Revelation?

Ham was acting on behalf of Satan. He was an agent and a tool in the hands of the Devil. Here I would like to take a moment and comment on the behavior of Christian brothers in the Church. The Church of Jesus Christ is called to “cover” and not “uncover” the sins and the weaknesses of the brethren. Anytime we expose a brother’s sin without redemptive and corrective love, we act in the likeness of Ham.

Uncovering sins and weaknesses for the sake of embarrassing and humiliating is absolutely satanic. The New Testament promotes covering instead of exposure. I Peter 4:7-8 says, “But the end of all things is at hand; therefore be serious and watchful in your prayers. And above all things have fervent love for one another, for love will COVER a multitude of sins”.

Ham’s action drew a curse from his father, who according to the Old Testament and ancient customs, was to pass on his inheritance to his children by way of a pronouncement of blessing or curse, in case of disqualification. Ham, the father of Canaan, was cursed with a very solemn and serious curse. This curse was not applicable to Ham, but to his offspring Canaan, who later became the father of the Canaanite nations. It is most important to notice why God specifically mentions the cursing of Canaan at this point. The reason is quite clear. The readers of the Old Testament, who were primarily the Israelites of old, were to understand and note that Israel in her future history, as they resettled in the land of Canaan under the leadership of Joshua, would encounter the nations of Canaan, who would be a thorn in their flesh and would attempt to mislead the people of God from the true worship of God towards idolatry. These nations had the same spirit that was present in their great grand ancestor, Ham – they exposed the weaknesses of God’s chosen vessel, Israel. What Ham did to his father Noah, these nations would attempt to do to Israel, God’s prince and destined people. Their existence and close relations to Israel would serve as nothing but causes to expose the shortcomings of the people, thus embarrassing and humiliating them as a testimony suitable and compatible to God’s desires. The spirit of Satan was in these people as it was in their ancestor.

The other brothers, Shem and Japheth, reacted very differently. Instead of cooperating or remaining silent and neutral, they immediately moved into the tent of their father backwards and covered his nakedness. Their faces were turned away, and they did not see their father’s nakedness.

Noah in return blessed both sons with exclusive and unique blessings as we find them recorded in Genesis 9:24-27.

It is important to mention the blessings and the curse of Noah since these pronouncements determined where the promised Seed would reside and who would continue to carry it.

Noah cursed Ham by saying, “Cursed be Canaan; A servant of servants He shall be to his brethren”. Noah condemned Canaan to servitude in the presence of his brothers, Shem and Japheth. We know from Biblical archeology and anthropology that Shem is the father of the Semitic races which include the Jews. The spiritual blessing and the anointing of God would be on Shem. The use of the phrase, “Blessed be the Lord, The God of Shem…” indicates a very special relationship between Shem and God. The word ‘Lord’ proves this fact and furthermore, God makes Himself the “God of Shem” indicating that God (Elohim) and the Lord (Jehovah) would be manifested and represented through Shem. We know this to be the case. The revelation of God as the one and only true God and His Son Jesus Christ, our Lord came through the lineage of Shem, to whom belonged Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, the children of Israel, and ultimately and eventually Jesus of Nazareth.

We also know that Japheth was the father of the races who occupy the territories north and west of today’s Israel including today’s Iran, and the European nations of old such as Greeks and Romans. Noah blessed him with enlargement of territory as we read, “May God enlarge Japheth, and may he dwell in the tents of Shem; And may Canaan be his servant.” Territorial expansion and world domination were promised to Japheth, just as spiritual dominion and blessings were given to Shem. And Ham would serve both. Japheth would moreover, dwell in the tents of Shem, indicating a close fellowship and relationship between these two brothers. Japheth would not only have world power and dominion, but also be a partaker of God’s spiritual blessings given to and through Shem. Shem on the other hand would not only be the carrier of the spiritual blessing but also reside in very close proximity of Japheth. These blessings all had worldwide and long-term consequences. As a matter of fact, all world history to a large extent has been progressing along these lines.

Satan, having been partially defeated in ruining Noah’s qualification and righteousness for being the carrier of the Seed, attempted with all his power to act contrary to these foundational prophecies. It is of vital importance that we be aware of secular history as it perfectly and harmoniously reveals this evil usurping of power and blessing from Shemites and Japhethites. It is shocking to observe that this prophecy of Noah which was to take effect immediately was never materialized until many, many hundreds of years later. Satan elevated the fortunes of the Hamite nations and made them the masters of the world of that time. For more than 1500 years, Hamites ruled the world. The Egyptian Pharaohs, the Assyrian Empire, and the greatest of them, the Babylonian Empire were nothing but Hamites on the thrones of this world, exercising power and dominion contrary to God’s verdict through Noah. It seemed that God was once again on the verge of losing the cosmic battle to Satan. Empires one after the other brought masses of the peoples of the world under their cruel domination and particularly, Israel who were the descendants of Shem, were made servants of Ham instead of the reverse. Ham was ruling and Shem was serving! But Praise God, our God is not a loser. He knew that these would occur and yet patiently preserved and kept the Seed safe in the midst of these imperial struggles somewhere in the Palestine of those days. Satan’s purpose was once again to prevent the Seed from being manifested and taking dominion on Earth. The Seed was in Shem and if Satan could humiliate Shem’s descendants, Israel, he would somehow corrupt and disable the Seed from taking form and being manifested in its due time. So the people of Israel became surrounded by the Hamite kingdoms from the South and the East which were the seats of the world civilizations of that time.

The history of the people of Israel in the Old Testament is an ongoing struggle with the Hamites (Canaanites included) who were there for one purpose: to frustrate God’s plan and prevent the Seed from appearing. Satan, in his utter craftiness, had devised that the people of God would face destruction and ruin from two sources: from within and from without. From within, Satan constantly enticed the people of Israel to succumb to idol worship in the patterns of the neighboring nations, thus becoming conformed to an image other than what God had desired. The Old Testament is a witness and an indictment against Israel as they were on numerous occasions overcome by the spirit of idolatry and had become one with the spirit that was behind those idols. It is interesting that God, anticipating this problem, had strictly forbidden any worship of idols, pictures, and objects. He knew well that Canaanites who were installed by Satan to entice and ensnare Israel were idolatrous nations, fully conformed to the image of Satan as evidenced by their corrupt practices and beliefs. They had instituted “holy” prostitution in their temples, sacrifices of children to the detestable idols, and elaborate religious ceremonies honoring their gods to name a few. Israel was to remain separate from these nations and maintain God’s torch of testimony to His ultimate sovereignty and kingdom in the midst of these nations.

The problem from without was a natural outcome of the internal condition of Israel. As they continued to remain in an unfaithful and idolatrous state, God permitted these nations who represented Satan’s sovereignty to invade them and take them captive. Their captivity was a delight to Satan, who desired nothing but the termination of the Seed line, and yet, it served God’s purpose to chastise and discipline Israel, God’s son, into obedience and faithfulness in following Jehovah and no other God. The captivity of Israel in Egypt, Assyria, and Babylonia, to name the most important ones, were nothing but a sheer and open attempt by Satan to finish off Israel and the Seed. We cannot enumerate all the captivities of Israel throughout her history, for they occupy all of the Old Testament. I strongly encourage the readers to go back to their Bibles and read the Old Testament from this view point. They will see how God and Satan battled over their own sovereignty by erecting their people to stand opposed to each other. It was Israel against the world; God against Satan. The Seed was secure in the womb of a nation God had so miraculously preserved.

Going back to the prophecy of Noah in Genesis chapter 9 and its implications, we see that Hamites challenged God’s designed order of secular history by usurping power for 1500 years against the utterance of the prophecy. However, God rectified this disorder by a great act.

In the Book of Daniel chapter 5, Daniel was serving the Babylonians, the last of the Hamites were ruling the world. God was about to change this anomaly in a matter of a night. Verses 25 and 26 tell us that God’s finger appeared on a wall in the feast of Belshazzar and wrote these words, “MENE, MENE, TEKEL UPHARSIN”, which was translated by Daniel to mean that, “God has numbered your kingdom (The Hamite rule was to come to an end) and finished it, TEKEL: you have been weighed in the balances and found wanting, PERES: Your kingdom has been divided, and given to the Medes and Persians”. Verses 30 and 31 state, “that very night Belshazzar, king of the Chaldeans was slain. And Darius the Mede received the kingdom, being about sixty-two years old.”

Medes and Persians were Aryans, belonging to the races originating from Japheth. Finally, God had put an end to the rule of Ham on this planet and since then, no Hamite kingdom has ever risen to world prominence. The children of Japheth have been holding the reins of political and secular power in their hands since the Persians took Babylon. Since then, the Greeks, the Romans, and the Europeans, including the Americans, have been holding on to their calling. I am not advocating race superiority or making a commentary on the good or evil of the races of Japheth maintaining power. I am merely pointing out that what God had said through the mouth of Noah was fulfilled. After all, God’s Word declares that all men are sinners and in their un-regenerated state the children of wrath.

I found it necessary to elaborate on this explanation of the sons of Noah, because the children of Israel, starting from Abraham himself all the way down to the nation of Israel, would be facing a fierce enemy who would not rest until he annihilated all that was of Israel, God’s chosen vessel for the Seed.

At this point in Genesis, we clearly see that God had given the Seed to Shem. Satan, being aware of this, would attempt, as we will see in later chapters, to undermine the vessels and to discredit their qualification and worthiness, and ultimately corrupt and destroy the vessel. One reason the Bible mentions and maintains elaborate and detailed genealogies is the integrity of the lineage of the Seed and its path through history as it traveled from father to son throughout the people of Israel.

We will now look at the life of the patriarchs of Israel – Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – who were the prime ancestors and carriers of the Seed until Israel was formed as a nation many years later.

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