The Seed (Chapter 15)


Several years ago, during one of our church conferences, my father and my mentor, Pastor Fred Saleh, shared a message about the Seed, in a brief two-hour session. I was so touched by the beauty and clarity of the message of the Bible regarding the Seed that I committed it to memory. It stayed with me and from time to time, I shared it with others.

In a recent encounter with a new believer, I shared this message very quickly at the request of a friend, Mr. Herb Schachter. I saw the excitement and relief in their faces as they heard about the Seed. It was as if, all of a sudden, all that they had read and heard in and about the Old Testament made sense to them. They could see that all the bloodshed recorded in the Old Testament (subject of intense criticism by those who feel that God was too cruel to be a loving God), was all for one good reason: The protection of His Seed from destruction! On another occasion, I asked a Bible study group how they would react if they discovered that a serial child molester or killer was in their backyard where their children were playing. Would they put on a big smile and witness the brute force of the rapist on their children? Would they be loving and kind? No! They all agreed that they would get up and do whatever they could in their power to stop the rapist, even if it meant killing him in order to save and protect their children. Then why are we surprised that God acted this way when His Son’s Seed, the only hope and salvation for humanity, was in danger of utter destruction? Why are we shocked to see God defend Israel, the chosen vessel that had to nurture and protect the Seed from surrounding nations who had been placed there by Satan for the sole purpose of destroying and hindering the coming of the Seed?

Our God is a loving God, but He is also a jealous God who will protect His Seed and His children at any cost. He is a father and all the instincts of a father are in Him.

While writing this book, I learned many things that I had not known before. It is amazing that as we dig into the Word of God and study it, He reveals many things to us. As a result of this readings and studying, I feel I have grown in my faith and gained a new perspective on the message of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. I now see with much clearer transparency, the wondrous and marvelous plan of God for humanity. He wants us to receive Him as the implanted word, deposited deep in our spirits, which will one day raise us into a glorious everlasting life, not as we know ourselves now, but as part of a majestic tree of life that will manifest the glory of God and serve God’s infinite creation.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this book, I came to appreciate life in a special way, that Wednesday night in Markham Stouffville Hospital, when my seed, the love of my life, my daughter Stephanie Chloe was born. Then, and only then, as I held her in my arms and paraded her around to my parents, sisters, and friends, did I realize the mystery of the Seed. Truly life is a mystery! I was witnessing my seed in flesh! I was now living in and through another being!

Many years later, all of a sudden I came to another great realization in my life: I was someone else’s seed! I looked at Fred Saleh and saw in him who is now past the summer of his life, the man I used to stare at when I was a little boy, impressed by his handsomeness and his determination to be a hero to me! He was and will always be my hero! I suddenly discovered the real meaning of life! I was a seed, destined to represent and perpetuate my father’s name and honor! I was his seed! And far greater than that, in 1975, I became a seed (child) of God by new birth through faith in the one and only Seed (Son) of God who could also make me a perfect and acceptable channel of God’s choice and a partaker of that divine Life that places me in the path of the river of life as a member of that mysterious tree of life!

As I look back I see my dad, a mighty tree of fatherhood and life, who has filled my being with his life! As I look forward I see myself as a tree that has passed on a tiny and gentle seed to a young and beautiful girl who will live my life and hopefully feel the same way I feel about my father! As I look up, I see my heavenly Father preparing me for my destiny, the fulfillment, delight, and ever living life in His fellowship! As I look down, I see the ground on which I must renounce self and take my cross, die to my self and be buried like a grain, so that in knowing Him and the power of His resurrection, I may not only stand on the ground of life, but dispense life to others! And finally, as I look beyond time, I see a tree planted by the river of the water of life, which bears twelve fruits every month, whose leaves are for the healing of the nations! I see myself there (Psalm 1:3)!

I am a seed now! But watch me become a tree!

I am grateful to my mother, the woman who nurtured me and gave me a chance to live (I love you mom), my dad – my hero –, my sister, Edith (who has sacrificed so much of her life for me!) and Jack her husband, my sister Erica, her husband Greg and Melody my niece, my sister Tina, and last but in no way least, my companion and partner in life, my one and only Carmen, and my angel from heaven Stephanie! I love you all. You stood with me in my most difficult and darkest hours!

I am a seed now! But watch me become a tree!

“Now Jesus Himself began His ministry at about thirty years of age, being [we supposed] the Seed of Joseph, the Seed of Heli, the Seed of Matthat, the Seed of Levi, the Seed of Melchi, the Seed of Janna, the Seed of Joseph, the Seed of Mattathiah, the Seed of Amos, the Seed of Nahum, the Seed of Esli, the Seed of Naggai, the Seed of Maath, the Seed of Mattathiah, the Seed of Semei, the Seed of Joseph, the Seed of Judah, the Seed of Joannas, the Seed of Rhesa, the Seed of Zerubabel, the Seed of Shealtiel, the Seed of Neri, the Seed of Melchi, the Seed of Addi, the Seed of Cosam, the Seed of Elmodam, the Seed of Er, the Seed of Jose, the Seed of Eliezer, the Seed of Jorim, the Seed of Matthat, the Seed of Levi, the Seed of Simeon, the Seed of Judah, the Seed of Joseph, the Seed of Jonan, the Seed of Eliakim, the Seed of Melea, the Seed of Menan, the Seed of Mttathah, the Seed of Nathan, the Seed of DAVID, the Seed of Jesse, the Seed of Obed, the Seed of Boaz, the Seed of Salmon, the Seed of Nahshon, the Seed of Amminadab, the Seed of Ram, the Seed of Hezron, the Seed of Perez, the Seed of Judah, the Seed of Jacob, the Seed of Isaac, the Seed of ABRAHAM, the Seed of Terah, the Seed of Nahor, the Seed of Serug, the Seed of Reu, the Seed of Peleg, the Seed of Eber, the Seed of Shelah, the Seed of Cainan, the Seed of Arphaxad, the Seed of SHEM, the Seed of Noah, the Seed of Lamech, the Seed of Methuselah, the Seed of Enoch, the Seed of Jared, the Seed of Mahalalel, the Seed of Cainan, the Seed of Enosh, the Seed of Seth, the Seed of ADAM – The SEED OF GOD!” (Luke 3:23-38)


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