Sons of Korah (Chapter 2)

The Rebellion Moses, by the mighty hand of the Lord God, rescued Israel and brought them out of Egypt. The Egyptians were struck with 10 different plagues which ultimately resulted in the first born of Egypt being struck down by God’s angel of death. In return, God’s first born, Israel, was spared and saved. The Red Sea opened and dried up and the people crossed from the domain of slavery and bondage... read more

Sons of Korah (Chapter 1)

Introduction Sons of Korah & Their Songs! Several years ago, my pastor, delivered a message on the person of Korah, his children and their Psalms. As I sat there in the audience and listened to this amazing message which in my estimation is one of those hidden jewels in the treasury of God’s word, I was so taken by its beauty, its sensitivity, and its heartwarming gentleness, that uncontrollably... read more