Sons of Korah (Chapter 1)


Sons of Korah & Their Songs!

Several years ago, my pastor, delivered a message on the person of Korah, his children and their Psalms. As I sat there in the audience and listened to this amazing message which in my estimation is one of those hidden jewels in the treasury of God’s word, I was so taken by its beauty, its sensitivity, and its heartwarming gentleness, that uncontrollably tears were rolling down my face and I was caught in a spirit of gratitude and praise for the wonderful and marvelous grace of our God in the midst of tragedy. I saw myself in the story, and as I will share with you later, I found a great deliverance and a sure hope for the future as God unveiled the lives of this often misjudged and misunderstood family.

Later, over the course of the coming years, I had the privilege of sharing this message with a few groups around the country and as I had anticipated, the reaction was quite identical to that of mine. Tears of joy, hearts encouraged, and hope restored.

The story of Korah is somewhat a mysterious and not so front-page story. Even though, we read of the rebellion of Korah in Numbers 16, there are so many little and yet beautiful details that remain obscure from our eyes. The Holy Spirit, I am convinced, is unveiling this story in its fullness and vivid details in order to lead us into a much deeper understanding of God’s ways and most importantly His love and grace for the fallen man!

As you read the story and study the material that I am presenting in this book, you will come to appreciate the gentleness and the beauty of grace, and the empowering life that comes from such grace to restore losses and to exalt a person to the position of honor and service to God’s people, as so clearly evident in the lives of these mysterious family members.

The story of Korah is the story of hope in the midst of tragedy, victory in the face of failure, light shining ever so brightly in and from the darkness of sin and transgression. And finally the story of Korah, his sons, and their songs is our story; its our very common and ever so living experiences of failure, tragedy, and the subsequent stigmas, misjudgments, and misunderstandings we often carry with us as a result.

We begin the story by a close look at the man in the center of all this, Korah, his life, his rebellion, his demise and death. Next, we trace the family of Korah down the often winding tunnels of history over a period of about 1000 years, their rise to prominence and greatness, and finally the quiet and timely exit from the stage of Biblical history as they fade away into the quiet and tranquil horizon of God’s plan and purpose. Finally, we will meditate on the 12 songs they penned down that have been preserved and revered in the word of God; known as the Psalms of the sons of Korah; Psalms 42-49 and 84, 86, 87, 88.

Each of these psalms, all being some of the most beautiful and well known of all psalms in the Word of God, contain so many life changing and precious truths and beauty that one may read and study them for all his/her life and never be able to exhaust their wealth of richness!

In writing this book, I am again indebted to so many people who have impacted my life with their love and support of me and my endeavors. I want to thank my dad, Pastor Fred Saleh for having preached this wonderful message and having opened my eyes to the beauty of God’s word. Thank-you dad. You are my hero. Thanks to mom and my sisters who have always believed in me and stood by me in thick and thin! Thanks Mom, Edith, Erica, and Tina, along with my brother-in-law Jack (Edith’s better half) and Greg (Erica’s better half).

Of course, I would never be able to do anything of great value if it is not the grace of my Lord Jesus who strengthens me even though I find myself weak and utterly unable! And standing next to my Lord, cheering me up with loud applause and love are my wife, Carmen and my angel from heaven, Stephanie who make life meaningful to me and help me have a smile on my face when everything in life is pressing me!

Lastly, I dedicate this book to a friend, comrade, and brother in the Lord, whom I love and respect as an accomplished and truly gifted musician, worship-leader and a good human being, Randy Ashford.

May the Lord bless the hearts of the readers of this book with His abundant and mighty hand. May He be better known to us, causing us to love Him even more than ever before.

Here is the story of Korah, his sons, and their songs…

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